Bariatric Transport

MedCare's bariatric transport services are tailored for patients whose weight excedes 400 lbs. Bariatric transport can be completed at nearly all care levels including ALS, BLS and Critical Care. This type of transport is completed using a special vehicle with equipment designed that has the comfort and safe transport of bariatric patients in mind.

  • Extra-wide stretcher capable of supporting patients weighing between 400 to 1,500 lbs.
  • Speed-monitored ambulance equipped with advanced Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems from Verizon.
  • Continuous link to GPS routing and direct integration with MedComm's dispatch operations software for 24/7 assistance and safety monitoring.
  • Crewed by at least two MedCare Partners capable of meeting ALS and BLS care levels or assisting MedFlight critical care teams.
  • Safe, clean and quiet climate-controlled transport environments.
  • Strict vehicle maintenance routines.

Event Coverage

MedCare is pleased to be able to offer medical stand-by coverage for your special event. This coverage provided at any of the levels of service we currently offer. In addition to helping staff first aid stations or provide transport, MedCare Partners are available to provide ambulance tours, answer questions and educate the public on the type of equipment used in emergency medical services.

MedCare Ambulance at Mapfre Stadium